Dinah Furner – Jan 2018

I’ve been coming to Martin and Elaine’s classes and socials for about a year or so. They did a New Year’s…

Jan Oliver

Always reliable and patient, Martin and Elaine have put on several fabulous and fun teaching and dance displays for our

Suzanne Elliott

Elaine and Martin are talented teachers. Elaine’s warm, fun and gentle teaching will inspire even the most timid…

Jackie & John Gibbs

We have been attending Martin and Elaine’s weekly class for nearly three years.
In this time we have been thrilled

Janet Beecher

‘Dance your way to Health Happiness and Wellbeing’

In an effort to get my life back on track after very difficult time I nervously

Deniz Ombesh

I have had the pleasure of working with working with Martin and Elaine for the past three years, their enthusiasm for ballroom

Dawn Anderson

I turned 50 last year and whilst I do not relish the prospect of getting older I do have to say it has opened doors – I joined…

Sandy Willingale

I met Martin and Elaine when they came into school to run lessons for staff as part of the well-being activities. I used to …