Janet Beecher

‘Dance your way to Health Happiness and Wellbeing’

In an effort to get my life back on track after very difficult time I nervously went along to a Beginners Ballroom and Latin Dance class, run by Martin Gould and Elaine Harrison.

The moment I stepped in I was met by an atmosphere of friendly relaxed fun and positivity. Elaine and Martin, the instructors, cheerfully welcomed me and gently invited me to join in.

It was immediately obvious from the happy interaction and rapport with the other class members that, in addition to being very good tutors, and inspirational dancers, Elaine and Martin were empathetic, patient and full of positive encouragement.  They were very generous with their time and sensitive to each individual’s personal ability. Unsurprisingly I soon felt at ease and rapidly gained a sense of achievement. Like the other members I soon began smiling at the joy of dance!

Elaine and Martin’s excellent instruction is clear and precise and demonstrated in an easy to follow manner for both the Ladies and Gentlemen.  They give personal support every step of the way and subtly enthuse the fun and enjoyment of dance.

As well as introducing you to new friends and a great social life, dancing exercises the whole body and mind, builds your core strength, self-confidence and gives you a great sense of general wellbeing… all whilst smiling!!

A lot of course depends on the teachers and the attitude they create for you to learn.  I know I am not alone in my opinion that Elaine and Martin have a marvellous attitude to dance. They are superb teachers and mentors with an infectious charisma and their classes are excellent! Long may they reign!  Come join the dance and be another happy dancer!